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A Message from Our President:



The CBGA member guides and myself would like to thank you for visiting our site. Please feel free to browse through and see what the Costal Bend Guides Association is all about.


By being a member of the CBGA, our guides are committed to providing you a safe and enjoyable time here on the Texas Coast while keeping with the moral and ethical guidelines we stand for. Each Guide you will find on these pages are pre-screened, USCG and TPWD licensed, participate in a drug screen program and are voted into the association. Welcome aboard!

If you are looking for a guided fishing trip, you'll find the best choices here in the South Texas Coastal Bend!

If you are already a fishing guide and support our efforts to provide a quality experience for the fishing public, then we invite you to...

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Capt. Mike Kocian

CBGA President  


History of the CBGA:

The Coastal Bend Guides Association was founded in 1989. This non-profit association was originally organized with the primary purpose of increasing awareness among guides and outdoorsman regarding the affairs of Texas legislators, and other elements of the Texas state government, that have a direct impact on the outdoor sportsman industry as a whole.

During those early years, Texas Parks & Wildlife had little opposition when passing a bill into law. As the association grew and gained more supporting members, the power of the association became more apparent. Today, Texas Parks and Wildlife considers the opinion of the Coastal Bend Guides Association's members prior to submitting a bill for legislation - especially those bills that would directly affect the outdoorsman, and related industries in general.


Through the combined effort of the CBGA and TPWD, the result is a solid working partnership.

Since its inception, the Coastal Bend Guides Association has become a leader in community interaction and helping those who are less fortunate. As a vital provider for over ten years to such organizations as the Driscoll Children's Hospital and the South Texas Children's Home, the Coastal Bend Guides Association also extends a hand to those member families who have suffered a loss, or are in need of assistance.


Our Goals:

  • To increase the level of awareness, communication, and support for common purposes within our respective fields and serve as a positive catalyst for change.

  • To become familiar with environmental issues, especially those of which have an impact on our livelihood.

  • To maintain an active role and professional image within the communities we serve.

  • To create and cultivate national, state, and local partnerships.

  • To host forums and meetings that foster communication and the sharing of ideas with regard to issues that directly and/or indirectly affect our professions, communities, or common welfare.

  • To provide resources, information, services, and support for the membership as a whole.


The CBGA is a not-for-profit organization 501(c)(6)

that actively seeks and supports solutions

to issues that impact the sporting community.

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Our Code of Ethics:

  • All members of the Coastal Bend Guides Association acknowledge their responsibility to represent the guiding profession in a conscientious manner. We therefore commit ourselves to high standards of ethical conduct and hereby state the precepts that will guide us as we guide others.

  • Obey all game management laws of the State of Texas and the United States Government.

  • Obey all regulations of the United States Coast Guard.

  • Adhere to the licensing requirements of the State of Texas and the United States Coast Guard and conscientiously renew and maintain licenses as required.

  • Always exhibit professionalism in the execution of our duties as boat captains. We will remain vigilant so as to never endanger our passengers. Their welfare and safety will be of preeminent concern, making all other considerations secondary.

  • Refuse the consumption of alcohol of any kind while operating a vessel.

  • Remain strictly intolerant of unsafe, irresponsible, or illegal acts by anyone in our vessel including fellow members of the Coastal Bend Guides Association.

  • Respect nature and the environment.

  • Conduct ourselves honestly, honorably, and with integrity when dealing with the public and other members of the guiding fraternity.

  • Refuse to aid, assist, or promote any individual who is unlicensed or unqualified in an attempt to provide illegal guide services to the public.

  • Within the bounds of safety, reason, and ethics endeavor to provide for our clients a quality outdoor experience.

CBGA Officers:

President: Mike Kocian (May 2014)

Vice-president: Dusty Stahl (May 2014)

Secretary/Treasurer: Pat Day (May 2014)

Treasurer: Doug Rives (May 2014)


Board of Directors:

Corpus Christi: Lee Wehring (May 2015)

Ingleside/Aransas Pass: Chuck West (May 2014

Port Aransas: Dan Pike (May 2014)

Rockport: George Herzog (May 2014)

Director at Large: Billie Kocian (May 2015)

Ingleside/Aransas Pass: Jay Nichols (May 2015)



Administrative Secretary: Nancy Day

Webmaster:  Linda Cavazos, Maclin Solutions

Tournament Chair: Billie Kocian



Our Area of the

Texas Coastal Bend Includes:

Fulton, Rockport, Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Port Aransas and Portland. Our fishing guides know the area and fish many popular bays like Aransas, Copano, Corpus Christi, Laguna Madre, Baffin Bay and everything in between.  Hunting locations as well as birding and nature

locations will vary.





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